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Sidewalk Cleaning To Rejuvenate Your Auburn Walking Paths


Auburn sidewalks, like driveways, are tougher and can require more intense cleaning solutions. Luckily, they're also durable and can handle most sidewalk cleaning methods someone might need to throw at them. Jiffy Pressure Washing generally uses a combination of pressure washing and soft washing on Auburn walking paths.

The first step with soft washing is to soak. Since walkways are usually made of tough materials like cement or stone, they can endure stronger detergents without sustaining damage. Plus, their porous nature allows the sidewalk cleaning agents to soak deep into the material. This enables the solutions to penetrate to the root of the dirt, providing the deepest and highest quality cleaning. Even the most ingrained dirt and bacteria stand no chance!

We guarantee that our strong, efficient, and safe process will work wonders on your sidewalk pavement. There are no stains or discolorations that can stand against our pressure washing and cleaning agents!

Walkway Washing

The second and most noticeable step in sidewalk cleaning is pressure washing. The endurance of cement and stone allows for the use of higher force (PH) washing. This is fortunate because walkways are high-frequency areas that families, guests, and pets alike will all utilize, creating a much higher chance of dirt and staining. High-pressure washing is often necessary on walkways after detergent soaking to uproot tough stains and force out deep impurities.

Sidewalk Cleaning And Driveway Washing

Sidewalks and driveways can be made of similarly tough and porous materials and they're both areas of your property that experience a very high frequency of traffic. These many similarities mean it simply makes sense to package their service. Our technicians can come prepared to provide a thorough washing for both areas, using similar equipment and similar cleaning agents that will work for both areas.

Even if a driveway or sidewalk has a different degree of staining or contamination than the other, the sidewalk cleaning and driveway washing processes will be relatively similar. Each will require higher pressure and a more intense mixture of cleaning agents to soak.

Auburn driveways experience an even greater degree of deterioration due to our intense sunshine. Our state's beautiful, warm sunny days may be pleasant and peaceful for us to soak in, but they act like an oven on our sidewalk and driveway properties. When oils spill or dirt cakes onto a cement surface, the strong sunlight will apply thermal pressure to the unwanted liquids and particles, pushing them deeper into the pores and reinforcing the bonding process that keeps the dirt stuck. None of this is a match for us. Jiffy Pressure Washing's Auburn sidewalk cleaning will always ensure a perfect product!

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