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28 OCT 2023

Auburn: A Hot Climate Bakes In Dirt

Auburn a hot climate bakes in dirt

Auburn tends to be hot more than half of the year, with particularly hot and sunlight-intensive summers. This heat isn't a friend to your property, whether in terms of direct solar radiation on pavement or how this sunlight affects pre-existing stains. Sunlight can act as a binding agent, and when it acts on cement stains on a daily basis for half the year, the effect can make these stains more difficult to remove and can even have a discoloring consequence. This means your pavement will appear a slightly different shade in the area of the stain than the rest of your property.

Jiffy Pressure Washing is your solution. Our pressure washing equipment and thorough technicians will ensure your pavement surfaces come out of each cleaning looking perfect and just like new. There's no challenge our technicians can't face, nothing too difficult that we haven't been able to overcome.

Grease & Oil Can Soak Into Porous Concrete

Vehicle and yard equipment storage can have a detrimental effect on your pavement, whether outside in the driveway or inside your garage. Unfortunately, the effect seems nearly unavoidable: even just sitting there, lawnmowers, weed-whackers, all-terrain vehicles, and most other engine-running equipment will leak and drip oils, grease, coolants, and any other fluids they run on.

These liquids not only stain the surface of the property but the liquids can slowly seep beneath the surface over time. It's a little-known fact that cement is porous. This means that cement contains tiny, nearly microscopic air bubbles that are tinier than the diameter of human hair. But even these tiny pockets are still big enough that those leaky liquids can seep in, getting deeper and deeper into the concrete over periods.

Jiffy Pressure Washing Recommends Annual Pressure Washing

This porous and absorbent property of concrete is one of several reasons for our recommendation. Jiffy Pressure Washing Auburn's professional technicians recommend annual pressure washing to prevent the sun from baking in stains and prevent leaky spots from soaking deeper into your property. With such frequent driveway washing, it's difficult or impossible for these liquids to become a real problem.

Even if you own several pieces of yard equipment that run on engines, annual pressure washing will prevent that porous seeping. Additionally, it'll prevent the hot summer sun from baking new stains into other areas of your residence. Auburn driveway washing and pavement cleaning are easier with frequent pressure washing. This will prevent hard-to-remove stains and difficult discolorations from marring the quality of your residence.

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