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Auburn's Pressure Washing Experts!

Cleaning Auburn one house at a time, the promise of complete customer satisfaction has allowed us to leave only perfection in our wake. No matter the condition of your house washing needs, whether deck, patio, driveway, or any other surface in question, we pay attention to detail and strive for great results. Although each of our professional service provider's standards is far above most customers' expectations, we don't leave until you're satisfied, no matter what that may mean.

We Make Your Property Look Its Best

It's the natural product of our company promise. In our 20 years of pressure washing, we've seen it all: black stains marring a brilliant white driveway, graffiti-covered walls, old acrylic paint stained "permanently" on a deck and none of this damage has survived us! Once we're through with our expert-quality pressure washing service, any surface will be back to its sparkling mint condition.

Even then, we don't leave until you're satisfied. If the customer notices a spot that we overlooked, we'll be more than happy to return and thoroughly re-pressure wash the area! No detail is too small for our satisfaction-guaranteed promise. This is the guarantee that has led to our pressure washing success in Auburn!

Established by Jeff Patterson 20 years ago, Jiffy Pressure Washing provides the highest quality pressure washing services in Auburn. Now serving ten cities around the state, our reputation has preceded us as Alabama's premier service and allowed us to grow exponentially from our humble beginning two decades ago. "We work until you're completely satisfied!" It's the backbone of our business and the reason for our expansive, statewide success. It's not just a motto—it's a promise of service and quality that our professional technicians each take personally and to heart on every project.

At Jiffy Pressure Washing, we pay attention to detail and strive for great results. We know the quality of our service reflects on us as a business, and we're satisfied with nothing less than a perfect product. In this pursuit, we promise to do whatever it takes to thoroughly pressure wash any requested surface, making sure any blemish, dirt, discoloration, or sign of age has been thoroughly and completely cleansed. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, and each one of the professional technicians at Jiffy Pressure Washing has a personal standard that's surpassed by no other business. In completing the service, we promise to go far and beyond your expectations, providing a quality service that's more thorough than our customers can imagine.

Pressure Washing Vs. Soft Washing

Pressure washing depends on high pressure (PSI) for cleaning. As such, this is most suitable for more durable materials like concrete, metal, and plastic that won't corrode or experience damage under such force. These materials are also more likely to attract harsher damage and stains that would require pressure washing.

Soft washing is much lower pressure but still produces more pressure than a traditional garden hose. Soft washing is about the specific blend of cleaning agents to best clean certain surfaces. This option is better for more delicate surfaces like roof shingles, siding, and some exterior wood surfaces like those found on houses, cabins, or gazebos.

Pressure Washing Vs. Soft Washing
Why Trust Us

Why Trust Us?

Although Jiffy Pressure Washing was established in 2020, we've been providing Auburn's highest quality pressure washing service for a healthy 20 years. Our multitude of satisfied customers has been so pleased with our results that we were voted "Neighborhood Favorite" on Nextdoor, a community networking application that allows locals to vote on the very best businesses and services in their area.

Check out the pressure washing service that's had them raving for two decades, and schedule an appointment with us today!

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Towns We Proudly Clean

Jiffy Pressure Washing is proud to provide the unrivaled highest quality pressure washing services to the following communities:


Jiffy Pressure Washing uses either pressure washing or soft washing for its cleaning processes. Pressure washing relies on the force of pressure (PSI) to remove tough stains. Soft washing uses a specific combination of cleaning solutions for work on softer materials like wood and fabric—not so different from your clothes washing machine!

In either case, the process is about balancing the right levels of pressure and cleaning solutions, so there is no need to worry about harsh chemicals on your property.

Absolutely. Our pressure washing equipment is designed to take on those tough jobs, and we haven't met a stain yet that we couldn't remove! With the right combination of pressure and cleaning agents, our cleaning can penetrate exterior pores and grooves enough to wash away years of wear and tear.

Of course, to keep your property looking its best, more regular ongoing pressure washing services would be best. Since removing those ingrained stains requires more pressure over a longer period, this can sometimes affect the material beneath the stain. The best way to avoid that is to wash your property early and often.

Yes! We generally recommend that you wait for the area to dry, but that's only because wet equipment can be slippery. We don't want your kids or pets to slip or get hurt because of our work!

However, once our equipment is gone, your family and pets are absolutely safe to go outside and enjoy your newly fresh surfaces!

At a minimum, once a year would be best. However, Jiffy Pressure Washing's professional technicians recommend more frequent servicing depending on the environment and frequency of use.

For areas that are more commonly used or endure harsher conditions, like roofing under harsh sun or deck space with frequent activity, we suggest more frequent washing to maintain the quality of the material. Surfaces that endure harsher wear, but less frequent washing, can sustain harder, more ingrained damage that requires more intense cleaning to remove. This more intense cleaning can affect the material itself over time.

To avoid these unwanted effects, frequent washing is the best solution. Therefore materials are cleansed before dirt or stains have a chance to penetrate deeper, and less pressure is required to clean the area.

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Pressure Washing and Soft Washing in Auburn, AL

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