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Patio Washing & Porch Cleaning In Auburn


Jiffy Pressure Washing's professional technicians recommend an annual house washing for Auburn residences. When it comes to patio washing and porch cleaning, this is doubly important. House exteriors and siding are exposed to daily erosion by sun rays, wind, occasional yard work grazes, and perhaps accidental damage.

Patio and porch environments are exposed to far more. These areas of one's property experience frequent usage, from daily mealtimes to entertaining guests. This much greater degree of exposure mandates a much greater frequency of cleaning to protect surfaces, prevent staining, and ensure long-term, lasting quality.

While annual pressure washing for Auburn is recommended, more frequent patio washing and porch cleaning can produce even greater quality results by preventing dirt from taking root and ensuring a steady, high-quality state of freshness on your property. What better way to make sure the highest possible value is maintained?

Porch Cleaning

Porch cleaning in Auburn is an abundant need, thanks to our many beautiful, sunny days! Every family needs to spend time in the breeze, and family patios are the perfect place to do this—but frequent use means frequent cleaning to protect the quality and eliminate dirt and germs.

Jiffy Pressure Washing's perfected soft washing service guarantees your porch will get exactly the cleaning it needs to protect its longevity and to keep your children safe from dirt and germs. Soft washing is a type of cleaning that involves an individualized mixture of cleaning agents. Each mixture is tailored for your porch's unique needs. Our cleaning agents are gentle on your porch but tough on dirt and germs, guaranteeing the maintained quality of your property while removing any discoloration or dirt. After our soft washing procedure, you'll have no more need to worry about the safety of your kids or pets as they play on your patio!

Patio Washing

Patio environments can attract a harsher degree of stains and dirt, especially when the dirt can get trapped in the cracks between patio stones or tiles. Jiffy Pressure Washing's approach to Auburn patio washing involves higher-force (PSI) pressure washing that enables our cleaning to get in those pesky cracks and remove hard-to-reach dirt particles. This pressure washing also acts tough on brick and stone stains and removes pesky discolorations from an otherwise stylish patio.

After a thorough patio or deck washing, you can rest assured that your property has undergone the highest quality cleaning and its value is maintained. When you schedule a Jiffy Pressure Washing, you know our professionals will provide only the best quality washing and won't leave until we achieve the perfection you and your patio deserve.

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