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Gentle Roof Cleaning With Soft Washing Tactics In Auburn


When it comes to Auburn roof cleaning, Jiffy Pressure Washing's professionals utilize a soft washing method that's gentler on roof surfaces like wood, metal, and clay shingles. Not everyone knows that roofs can't handle the same pressure washing treatment as other areas of your house or property. Due to today's common roofing composition, these surfaces have a more fragile composition and can't handle the high force of pressure washing.

Instead, our technicians use varying mixes of cleaning agents, customized for the type and condition of your roofing situation. Roof cleaning generally has less to do with stains and discoloration and more to do with accumulated debris that has become stuck by friction or even lodged between the shingles. The most common debris is different moss-like growths like algae and lichen, but oxidation (rust) can be a common intrusion on metal roofs.

There's no need to break out the ladder and climb the roof on your own. Our technicians have plenty of experience in all areas of house cleaning. We have the experience and skills required for the job so you can stay on the ground where it's safe and comfortable and let Jiffy Pressure Washing pressure washing for Auburn do the roof cleaning!

Jiffy Pressure Washing can wash roofing shingles of all varieties:

  • Asphalt
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Slate
  • Rubber slate
  • Clay
  • Concrete

Soft Washing To Safely Care For Your Rooftop

No matter the type of intrusive growth or deterioration, our soft washing process is guaranteed to get the job done—gently. Soaking your roof with detergents is a vital first step in the cleaning process. Unwelcome mossy growth will slowly absorb our cleaning agents, which will then work against the natural binding agents. In minutes, moss and rust alike will lose their grip, becoming little more than organic (or mineral) particles floating in our soaking solution! After an appropriate amount of time, our roof cleaning technicians will return to gently wash away the remnants with a low-pressure water stream that your shingles can handle but that's still more efficient than a garden hose.

Got A Unique Roof Cleaning Situation?

Do you suspect your roof contains excessive stains or discolorations that may require more than just soaking? If you think your roof's condition will require pressure washing but are concerned about the potential damage this may cause, have no fear. Jiffy Pressure Washing's professional technicians have seen every Auburn roof cleaning situation, and there's no challenge they can't face. With our array of equipment and two decades of expertise in the field, we'll be happy to listen to your concerns and let you know the methods we believe will be best to tackle your unique situation.

Got other house washing concerns? Learn how we can tackle any situation and schedule a consultation appointment today at 334-740-6774.

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