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Graffiti Removal To Completely Wash Away Spray Painted Surfaces In Auburn


The most important thing to keep in mind regarding Auburn graffiti removal is time. The longer graffiti is allowed to remain on a surface, the more it will sink into the surface and the harder it will be to remove. If you discover you have graffiti on a surface on your property, we urge you to contact us immediately for a cleaning!

Graffiti removal can be a sensitive process that depends highly on the surface being cleaned. Processes for metal, stone, and cement would vary widely from more sensitive surfaces like wood or house siding. No matter the surface, an individualized combination of detergents and pressure will be required to permeate the graffiti to break the chemical bonds between the graffiti itself and the surface. However, when the situation involves softer surfaces like wood or vinyl, the mixture of cleaning agents and soaking time will be even more crucial. In those instances, high water pressure can cause damage to the surface, so scrubbing and soaking will be the preferred method.

Don't hesitate to contact us immediately about our Auburn graffiti removal service! With two decades of experience, Jiffy Pressure Washing's pressure washing for Auburn is the service you can trust.

Spray Paint Cleaning

Fortunately, instances involving some spray paint can be more easily washed. Due to the nature of the inks, some detergents (the equivalent of baking soda and hot water) can be used to unbind the unwanted agents from the surface. After that, it's a simple matter of persistence! We can remove spray paint from:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fabric, like couches
  • House siding
  • Stone

It can be hard to tell the difference between spray paint inks. Even if you suspect the offending surface may be an easier clean, we highly recommend contacting us as soon as possible to begin the professional cleaning and graffiti removal process. The sooner we're able to respond to the situation and begin soaking the surface in cleaning agents, the better the situation will be for everyone, and the more easily the inks, colors, or stains will be able to be removed. Additionally, a quick response time is the only way to ensure the underlying surface has as little chance as possible of being affected by the spray paint or graffiti removal process!

Deck Staining & Sealing

Once the graffiti removal is complete, the professional technicians at Jiffy Pressure Washing highly recommend our thorough Auburn deck staining & sealing process. Deck staining and sealing is an excellent precaution to ensure the long-lasting quality of your property and an excellent deterrent against unwanted stains, spills, and discoloration, including graffiti. Whether you're a new house owner or your residence has been in your family for generations, deck staining & sealing is the perfect insurance policy to protect your deck for years to come.

Additionally, graffiti removal can be efficiently combined with Jiffy Pressure Washing's house washing service for a more thorough cleaning experience!

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