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Driveway Washing & Concrete Cleaning To Blast Away Years of Wear From Your Auburn Pavement


Look no further than Jiffy Pressure Washing Auburn for all your driveway washing needs. Jiffy Pressure Washing has been at it for two decades, and we've seen it all. For our professional technicians, no stain, discoloration, or sign of aging is too much for our equipment to cleanse.

Our professionals come prepared to finish the job. No matter what the condition of your driveway is, whether widespread discoloration or deeply ingrained stains, our attention to detail and dedication to the job means our technicians won't stop until any noticeable besmirch is gone. With an array of driveway washing equipment and a long history of pressure washing in Auburn, we know how to adapt to any challenge and what tricks of the trade we need to apply. Our job is to make your property look its best, and with 20 years of experience, we know how to do just that!

Concrete Cleaning And Pavement Washing

For driveway washing, we will utilize both pressure washing and soft washing techniques, which tailor a unique combination of high-pressure water for sheer force and a specific mix of cleansing agents designed to gently work against tough stains. As we continue to work on your individual driveway situation, we'll better understand the specific needs of your property and customize our techniques to fit the job. Dirt and grime are no match! We even have a graffiti removal service to meet your individualized needs.

A common technique for both concrete and pavement is first applying a specific combination of detergents and cleaning agents and suit the condition of your surface. That way, the detergents can soak into any stains and discoloration, loosening their molecular grip on the pavement and creating less resistance. Once this soaking preparation is complete, we can pressure wash the surface, more easily pulling up stains and allowing for a more efficient washing process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's the backbone of our company, the reason for our longstanding Auburn success, and a promise our technicians take to heart on every job. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that we won't leave until the thorough cleaning is up to our elevated standards, no matter how deep the dirt or widespread the area. Even after we're through, if you notice a place we've missed or if you just want us to cover the area one more time, we'll be more than happy to re-cleanse any area until you feel satisfied! Our customer satisfaction is the most important part of our job and the reason why we exist.

Never Had A Driveway Washing Before?

No worries!

Our professional technicians will be happy to speak with you during a consultation and explain to you exactly what's involved. Whether your driveway is new and you're scheduling a recommended precautionary cleaning or if it's seen generations of cars come and go, we're happy to sit with you and explain our process step by step. There's nothing to fear, and there's no staining we can't handle!

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