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Camp Hill Relies On Jiffy Pressure Washing For Quality Pressure Washing Services

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Jiffy Pressure Washing is Camp Hill's highest quality pressure washing service. We offer a myriad of services suitable for everything on your property, from driveways and sidewalks to roofs and patios. There's no damage we can't handle, whether it's years-old stains or unpleasant discolorations on your cement. We're excited to take on any challenge you think might be unsurmountable. Got oil stains you think are permanent? Do you have dirt buildup in your backyard that won't budge? Schedule a consultation appointment with Jiffy Pressure Washing, and we'll explain to you how our equipment and decades of expertise can solve your challenge.

With Jiffy Pressure Washing's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we won't leave until you're satisfied with our results. We're determined to leave Camp Hill completely satisfied and in love with our service—there's no road, path, or house in this beautiful city that needs to remain stained! We can't imagine how you'll be unsatisfied with the results of our exceptionally thorough cleaning, but if for any reason you would like us to return to an area to wash it again, we're more than happy to. Your satisfaction is the most important thing, and no amount of washing is too much.

Jiffy Pressure Washing Understands Camp Hill Driveway Washing

Our professional technicians understand Camp Hill driveway washing. With a high degree of traffic, driveways often experience spills or drips of vehicle oils, coolants, or other liquids to a higher degree than other surfaces like sidewalks. While seemingly harmless, these high-frequency drips can lead to a greater concentration of those liquids within your driveway.

Additionally, many people don't realize that driveway cement is very porous. This means the cement has a high concentration of tiny air pockets. They're usually less than a hair in diameter, but that's still enough for harmful liquid molecules to seep in and compromise the integrity of the concrete over time.

Jiffy Pressure Washing in Camp Hill has the equipment and expert understanding of driveway washing to tackle these issues. With our high-pressure water hoses, we can push water into those pores and force out the unwanted liquids, leaving your driveway cement fresh and clean down to the roots.

Our Camp Hill Technicians Are Roof Cleaning Experts

Roofs are the opposite!

Our roof cleaning technicians at Jiffy Pressure Washing Camp Hill know that roofs are generally made of fragile shingles. These shingles are very effective against precipitation and leakage, but their design makes them easily susceptible to high pressures.

That's why we use a gentler approach on roofs. Our lower-pressure hoses have an easier touch on your fragile roofing to maintain the integrity of your property but still get the job done. We also utilize an important mix of cleaning agents to soak through and remove unwanted growths like mosses or oxidation (rust), which is one of the most important facets of roof cleaning.

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