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25 OCT 2023

Graffiti Is Time Sensitive: Call Immediately

Graffiti is time sensitive

The experts here at Jiffy Pressure Washing Auburn want to help you understand the process behind graffiti response and removal so you can be prepared should you find graffiti on your property. The important thing to recognize about graffiti ink is that it will soak in and bind to surfaces quickly. Additionally, fragile surfaces like wood or house siding are often targeted as areas with high foot traffic that will provide a better "audience."

This is a harmful trend for property owners. Graffiti ink can often require pressure washing to remove due to the ink's ability to bond with the substrate, just like pen or marker ink will bond with paper. If the graffiti is on more durable surfaces like metal or cement, there is less of an issue: pressure washing will not damage these materials, and the ink can be removed with enough time and pressure. However, if the graffiti is applied to wood, fabrics such as furniture, or acrylic house siding, a quick response is essential to remove the ink without damaging the surface. Each hour that passes can allow more ink to bind to the surface, making the washing process more sensitive and difficult.

Jiffy Pressure Washing Auburn is enthusiastic to rise to any challenge. Regardless of the condition of your graffiti situation, our professional technicians are experts at handling anything. Don't hesitate to call our Auburn pressure washing technicians to handle any of your graffiti removal needs!

Spray Paint Can Require Pressure & Soft Washing

Jiffy Pressure Washing professionals use soft washing or pressure washing techniques, mostly depending on the surface type or area of your property. Soft washing generally involves lower water pressures and relies more heavily on specific mixes of detergents to loosen dirt and prepare the area for easier washing. Pressure washing, by contrast, engages much higher pressure and uses sheer force to remove ingrained dirt and deep stains from surfaces. This technique is generally only used on very durable materials like metal, concrete, or stone.

Graffiti that has remained on a surface for an extended period, like days or weeks, is more likely to be dry and fully bonded to the surface. If this ink is on the side of a house, a wooden cabin or shed, or possibly on furniture like an outdoor couch, Jiffy Pressure Washing technicians can use a combination of the two techniques because neither one is appropriate on its own. Our professionals will gauge how high water pressure can be utilized on the fragile surface before damage is incurred. Additionally, we'll prepare an individualized mix of cleaning agents that will act on the tough inks and allow the pressure washing to be more effective.

Jiffy Pressure Washing House Washing

Jiffy Pressure Washing Auburn is prepared for any of your house pressure washing needs. In addition to graffiti removal, we will be happy to pressure wash any other area of your property that may be due for service. Jiffy Pressure Washing 's house washing is Auburn's favorite pressure washing service!

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